Madden Simulation Week 8: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Madden Simulation for Rivalry Week: Steelers and Ravens Week 8 match-up:

According to our Madden 21 simulation of the Steelers and Ravens game, Pittsburgh is going to be looking at their first loss of the 2020 season. Not that that would come as a huge surprise. The Ravens are a very good team, just had a bye week, and are playing at home.

It is also fair to say that anything can happen in these rivalry games.

Steelers-Ravens Madden Simulation Numbers and Notes

The following numbers come from 10 simulations of the Steelers at Ravens using Madden 21.

The average score of the game:

Steelers 23.7

Ravens 30.2


The Ravens won a couple of games by more than 10 points. Most games were decided by one score or less.

Keys to the Games:

steelers ravens madden simulationTurnovers: Turnovers play a large role in any game. Ben Roethlisberger for some reason in this game is prone to throwing a lot of interceptions. Jackson also had his fair share of turnovers.

LaMarr Jackson Rushing the Ball: The Steelers defense gave up over 100 yards rushing to Jackson in multiple sims. This is mainly due to it being nearly impossible to contain fast quarterbacks in the game. He did have a lot of fumbles, though, from running the ball so it seems to even out.



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