5 Wild Predictions for Week 6: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Here are my five wild predictions for the Steelers-Browns game. This week the Cleveland Browns head to Pittsburgh for a Week 6 match-up with the Steelers. Both teams are looking to keep their strong start going. Cleveland, who is at 4-1 on the season, is trying to keep pace with Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The Steelers, on the other hand, are looking to stay undefeated.

1.) TJ Watt Makes Case for DPOY

There is a bunch of discussion this week about the season that Myles Garrett is having so far for Cleveland. That should piss off TJ Watt, who is getting not nearly as many headlines despite a better stat line.

Wild Prediction: This game is a chance for Watt to continue his strong start to the 2020 season. It is also a chance to prove that he is the more dangerous pass-rusher. Watt goes off this week with 3 sacks, a turnover, and officially puts his name in the hat for NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Chance of Happening: I’m going with 40% on this one. Yes, Watt has the ability to make this happen, but three sacks is still a lot. I do, however, think the Steelers will force the Browns to throw and that will give Watt plenty of chances to get after Baker Mayfield.


2.) Juju Smith-Schuster Shuts up the Critics

Chase Claypool went off with four-touchdowns last week against the Eagles. With Juju Smith-Schuster set to become a free agent, some fans were calling for the Steelers to trade the young wide receiver. Despite those comments, it’s important to remember that Smith-Schuster is still the Steelers’ top receiver.

Wild Prediction: Smith-Schuster goes off this week for 150 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

Chance of Happening: This would be a huge stat line for Smith-Schuster. It’s a big stat line for any wide receiver, but if Roethlisberger targets Juju more this week then this has a chance of happening. I’ll put it at 25%.

3.) Roethlisberger Throws 5 Touchdowns

Ben Roethlisberger is having a great start to the 2020 season. The Cleveland Browns are one of the best teams in the NFL against the run. They are also missing two of their safeties this week due to injury. That could be a recipe for disaster for the Browns.

First, the Steelers look dedicated to the short passing game. That should continue this week as the run game will be hard to come by. Roethlisberger is also likely to take a couple of deep shots each week and he should be able to find some open receivers this week.

Wild Prediction: Roethlisberger has another big game and throws five passing touchdowns.

Chance of Happening: The Steelers love to run the ball in the Red Zone, which makes this prediction less likely. That said, with the Browns defensive front this is a week for throwing the ball. I’ll give this one a 20% chance of happening, it’s unlikely, but not completely out of the question.

4.) Myles Garrett Gets Shut Down

“This one’s for Myles.” What a stupid thing for the Browns to be saying. Myles Garrett is really lucky that helmet swing missed if it didn’t he may never have played another down in the NFL.

Sure, Mason Rudolph isn’t playing today and this game is much bigger than any Garrett-Rudolph feud. Even so, the Steelers lineman will be out for blood when it comes to Garrett and their goal will be to keep him from having any impact on this game.

Wild Prediction: Myles Garrett is kept without a sack or quarterback hit this week in Pittsburgh.

Chance of Happening: This one is more likely to me just because I think the Steelers lineman are still pissed at Garrett. I’m going 50% on this one and I really hope that it happens; screw Garrett he deserved a much harsher penalty.

5.)  Steelers’ Safeties Finally Show Up

Minkah FitzpatrickThe Steelers defense is off to a great start this season. At times they have looked like an unbeatable unit. Even so, the Steelers safety duo has yet to make an impact.

Both Minkah Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmunds have been very quiet so far this year. Neither player has made a splash play, but this week is a chance for that to change.

Wild Prediction: Terrell Edmunds and Minkah Fitzpatrick both get interceptions off of Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Chance of Happening: 10% this is pretty unlikely. I could see one of Edmunds or Fitzpatrick making this happen, but both in the same game is a big ask.

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