Carlos Davis and Antoine Brooks Jr. Wait for a Chance

The Steelers 2020 draft class looks like a huge win so far for the team. Through the first four games, the only two draft picks not to see playing time are defensive lineman Carlos Davis and safety Antoine Brooks Jr.

Brooks was an All-Big-Ten selection multiple times while playing at the University of Maryland. He is a tweener, who played both safety and linebacker in college. The Steelers drafted him to play a similar role in their defense as a nickel linebacker/safety for sub-packages.

Although he was cut prior to the start of the season Brooks is currently on the practice squad. He is a project player for the Steelers to work with and see if they can turn him into a productive special teams player and sub-package safety moving forward.

Davis, who has yet to be active for a game this season, is on the 53-man roster. He was drafted to fight for a spot as a reserve defensive lineman. Following training camp, the team kept Davis over Dan McCullers. That may be a sign that they see something in Davis, or they may have finally given up on McCullers turning the corner.

Not having a full training camp and pre-season likely hurt both Brooks and Davis. They didn’t have as much time to show what they can do and also didn’t get pre-season games to showcase their skills during a real game.

One huge positive for both of these players is that they are still in town. Right now they are waiting in the wings and hoping for a chance to show what they can do, hopefully, that time will come for both of them. When it does, they’ll have the chance to make a similar mark as their fellow rookies.

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