Week 5 Eagles at Steelers: 5 Wild Predictions

Today the Philadelphia Eagles head to Pittsburgh for a Week 5 match-up with the Steelers. Both teams are looking to maintain their lead on their respective divisions and it should be a competitive game.

Here are five wild predictions for today’s game:

1.) TJ Watt and Bud Dupree Wreak Havoc with 5 Sacks

The Eagles are missing Jason Peters at left tackle and have

Lane Johnson returning from injury at right tackle. That is not a great recipe for success against the pass-rushing duo of TJ Watt and Bud Dupree.

Bold Prediction: Not only will the Eagles have trouble protecting Carson Wentz, but they give up 5 sacks to the duo of Watt and Dupree.

Chance of Happening: 40% – Unlikely, but not impossible. This is a large number of sacks, but it is also not out of the question given the Eagles injuries and the abilities of Watt and Dupree.


2.) Claypool Does it Again

Chase Claypool scored on an 84-yard touchdown reception against the Denver Broncos in week 2. This week he does it again.

Chance of Happening: 60% – I see this as a good possibility. Roethlisberger has struggled with the deep ball so far this year, but he is bound to hit another one soon and Claypool is one of his top deep-threats.


3.) Roethlisberger puts up 500 yards

The Steelers may have trouble running the ball this week. Philadelphia’s strong point is their defensive front and they have done a great job of stopping the run. Pittsburgh likes to set up their offense off of the run game, but that may not be an option this week.

If the Steelers can’t establish the run they need to put the ball in Roethlisberger’s hands early and often. This will give him the opportunity to put up a lot of yards and a big day on the stat sheet including the possibility of hitting the 400 or even 500-yard mark.

Chance of Happening: 10% – I don’t have much confidence in this happening; mainly because I don’t see this game being a shootout. However, if the Steelers can’t run the ball they may air it out quite a bit.


4.) Javon Hargrave gets Shut out

Javon Hargrave left the Steeles in free agency. This is his first shot at his former team and he will be ready to make his mark. Don’t forget that the offensive line will also be up for this match-up.

The Steelers lineman will won’t to shutout Hargrave just as much as he wants to make a big play.

Expect David DeCastro, Maurkice Pouncey, and Matt Feiler to be ready for this match-up. Hargrave will get shut out in week 5 with no sacks and no tackles for loss.

Chance of Happening: 75% – I have a lot of faith in the Steelers offensive line to make this one happen.


5.)  Steelers’ Rookies Have a Big Day

The Steelers are giving their rookies a lot of playing time so far this year and they have played well. Don’t be surprised to see a big day from the rookies in week 5:

Chase Claypool scores another long touchdown.

Anthony McFarland, who is poised to see more touches on offense, has a 50-yard day on offense.

Alex Highsmith gets his first career sack.

Chance of Happening: 20% – Unlikely, but not impossible. This is a lot to ask of the Steelers rookies all in the same game, but each piece is quite possible, however, all three is unlikely.

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