The Titans Should Forfeit Week 4; Steelers Should Play Original Schedule

The Tennessee Titans should forfeit their week 4 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, the NFL already changed the Steelers schedule, but it is time to change it back and punish the Titans. There is photo evidence that the Titans broke protocols and have been practicing together. Even though the Titans facilities have been closed the players have still been meeting up and working together even though they should be in quarantine after being exposed to Covid-19.

If the Titans are breaking the rules now, why should we believe they were following rules before?

The Steelers are being negatively impacted in many ways due to the Titans outbreak. Of course, this was a possibility entering the 2020 season. The problem, however, is that the Steelers did nothing wrong. The Titans continue to do the wrong thing. And it’s the Steelers who get screwed in the process. That makes no sense and what is even more infuriating is the new news coming from the NFL.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that the Titans could forfeit any other games they are unable to play due to covid. In week 5, the Titans are supposed to play the Buffalo Bills. The Bills then play on Thursday night. That means this game cannot be moved back to Monday and the Titans have no more open weeks on their schedule.

This means the Titans are facing forfeiture of their week 5 game. This does not mean that the Steelers game from week 4 will be forfeited. Instead, it seems the Steelers will still get the “short end of the stick” on all of this, just ask Ben Roethlisberger how he feels.


What Should the NFL Do?

What is the best action for the NFL to take?

Here are some of my ideas:

1.) The Titans forfeit the 2020 NFL season. They are not following guidelines or working to limit the transmission of covid. They are impacting the Steelers season negatively and could continue to cause problems, especially if they play other teams and transfer the virus to those teams. Maybe it’s time to just end the Titans season before they ruin it for everyone.

2.) The Titans forfeit weeks 4 and 5 and any other games until they are clear of the virus. Let’s just revert the schedule changes and the Titans can be the only team who faces consequences for their actions (wouldn’t that make the most sense).

3.) Put together an actual plan. The fact that these cases are popping up and the response is what it has been showing me that the NFL had no plan. It’s time to create a plan, give it to the teams, and stick to it.


What Will Happen

Don’t be surprised if the Titans forfeit this week; maybe even next week. Then they play the Steelers in week 7 and it’s Pittsburgh who pays the biggest price for the Titans issues.

Is that fair? No.

Is it what I want to see? No.

But given the NFL’s response so far it seems like the most likely path.

Steelers fans and players should continue to raise hell on this. Let the NFL know that this is a ridiculous response. It is unfair and the Titans should be the ones facing consequences for the actions of their team and players. Don’t force other teams to pay the price when they have done nothing wrong.


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