Titans, Steelers’ Week 3 Opponent, Facing Covid-19 Outbreak; Game may be Rescheduled

There was a point during the summer that I wondered if we would even see an NFL season this year. Covid-19 continues to ravage the United States and cases are once again on the rise. Some of those positive tests came from the Tennessee Titans. Those positive tests include three players on the Titans roster and have caused the team to suspend in-person club activities.

For Steelers fans the question has to become: how is this going to impact the Steelers and Titans match-up for week 4?

If more personnel and players for the Titans test positive this week the game may be postponed, cancelled, forfeit; honestly who knows. Football is not like baseball. These games can’t be added mid-week later in the season.

One option for the game would be to move it to Week 8. Both the Steelers and Titans are scheduled to have their bye week at the same time so moving the bye week up and their game to week 8 would maintain the current schedule.

I for one have a major issue with that schedule change. Early bye weeks are not something that any teams truly wants. Mid-year bye weeks are much more beneficial for rest and rejuvenation in preparation for a playoff run. The Steelers also have a lot of momentum right now and I would hate to see them lose it by getting an abrupt stop to their season.

The unfortunate part is that if the Steelers and Titans do play Sunday there is a chance of more cross-contamination. That could cause even more problems for the NFL and scheduling. Nothing has been confirmed for now, but with the Steelers and Titans bye weeks lined up don’t be surprised if Sunday’s game doesn’t happen.

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