One Rule Change the NFL Should Poach From the XFL

The whole point of the XFL is to build something off of the love and admiration fans have for football and the NFL. NFL Football is the top game in town and that isn’t changing any time soon. Anyone who watched the XFL in the Spring saw, though, that the XFL has some ideas that could hugely improve the NFL game.

The main change that I would like to see implemented into the NFL is the open review process. The transparency of the XFL review process is awesome. It takes the questions out of the review process and it helps fans understand the decisions that are being made in the booth.

If you are unfamiliar with the XFL style here is a look at how they ran in-game reviews:

Yesterday, Ben Roethlisberger ran for what appeared to be a first down, but he was marked short. Mike Tomlin decided to challenge the spot on the play. After watching multiple replays it looked like it was going to be an easy win. Even replay commentator Gene Steratore was talking about how the Steelers would win the challenge.

And then they didn’t.

The play stood and the Steelers were stuck with a fourth down. Why wasn’t the spot changed? No one knows. The commentators thought it would be changed, Steratore thought it’d be changed, every Steelers fan thought it was going to change.

So, why not open up the review process. Let us hear the discussion. Let us know why the call stands or is changed and understand what you are seeing and what is driving the decision. Be more transparent, because right now the review process seems highly questionable at times in the NFL.

The Jesse James touchdown that wasn’t, so many pass interference calls and non-calls last year. Open up the booth. Let us hear the decision making process on these calls. Make it a transparent process and help us as fans understand why these calls are being made the way they are. I’m sick and tired of hearing the commentators of a game talk about how a play is going to stand or be overturned with 100% confidence just for them to be wrong and have no idea why.

The XFL may not ever be anything close to what the NFL is, but they got this one right. And, if the NFL was smart, they would follow in their footsteps.

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